Walmart Remote Jobs for Senior Manager Online Vacancy 2021 Apply Now

By | April 13, 2022

Job Responsibilities : Senior Manager I, Business Analysis and Insights

Salary : $18 per hour

Company : Walmart

Location : Remote

Manages processes across different areas of the business to ensure efficiency and compliance by

  • establishing timelines, workflows, and requirements
  • supporting and developing training, creating, verifying, and distributing necessary documentation for reviewing results
  • managing and verifying functionality of key process and controls and loading appropriate information.

Provides data-driven analysis and insights to help support business strategies by

  • evaluating ongoing analytical needs
  • reporting data-based insights in a uniform manner
  • reporting on business strategies
  • collaborating with internal and external business partners to build a consistent and accurate strategy for using data-driven insights.

Develops business strategies by

  • recommending initiatives based on data
  • implementing processes based on recommended strategies
  • partnering with internal and external stakeholders to execute strategies
  • reassessing strategies to adjust to feedback and meet results
  • building relationships with stakeholders to support strategic growth plans and creating summaries identifying past, current, and future business plans and objectives.

Ensures business needs are met by

  • evaluating the ongoing effectiveness of current plans, programs, and initiatives
  • soliciting, evaluating, and applying suggestions for improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness and participating in and supporting community events.

Demonstrates and applies up-to-date expertise in business analysis to the development, execution, and improvement of action plans by

  • Providing expert advice and guidance to others in the application of information and best practices
  • supporting and aligning efforts to meet customer and business needs and building commitment for perspectives and rationales.

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