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By | September 26, 2022

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Salary : $40 an hour

Company : Liquid & Grit

Location : Remote US

As a game researcher you work closely with large mobile gaming companies to build out customized research. You will work directly with the CEO of Liquid & Grit to take data—in the form of data in excel research reports and other information—and refine it into a well-written well-constructed Google document report. The work will be broad ranging from looking at data forming strategies and reviewing market analysis.
About the company: Liquid and Grit provides information and recommendations to mobile gaming companies. We break down games features and content in top grossing games and provide valuable information in monthly reports. We also offer custom work projects which is where your work would primarily be focused.
Hiring process: We hire using tests only so that we ensure—as best we can—that we hire on pure abilities. This is the first test. There are usually three tests and the process takes less than two weeks. After the tests we typically hire 2-3 people to start working on actual projects to see how you do on our team. From there we will select at least 1 person. We use Google Forms to track candidates so do not be surprised if you see a response to fill out a form.
The tests are similar to what you would be doing during your work with us—so it’s a good opportunity for you to see what you’d be doing. Once hired you will still be in a “hiring period” for several weeks as we further evaluate your abilities within our team.
Location: We are located in California but have an entirely remote workforce (and have for years). This role is a contract role that will be done remotely—meaning you can work wherever you want—but it will be ongoing consistent work.
About you: You are diligent disciplined to get your work done and smart. You want to have autonomy and do great work that you are proud of. You can manage your own time and you pay attention to details. You are a fast learner and enjoy the challenge of figuring things out. You play some games (you do not have to be a hard core gamer but it helps to know games).
Requirements: No prior experience necessary—we often find that people without experience do very well Access to a computer and internet At least one iPad or iPhone for playing mobile games to check things out. You have the ability to work in google documents google sheets and powerpoint/keynote
General information: This is a contract position $40 per hour. The hours will start 10-20 as we get acquainted with your work The hours will ramp to 20-35 as you prove yourself

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