Remote Cyber Security Jobs Work at Home for Freshers

By | April 13, 2022

Job Responsibilities : Security Researcher (Remote)

Salary : $83,389 – $125,083 a year

Company : CrowdStrike

Location : Remote

 Duties and Responsibilities

  • Implement tracking systems that inform cross-team adversary tracking efforts based on observed exploitation behavior.
  • Improve and maintain capabilities for detecting exploits malicious payloads and other potential attack vectors using existing data sources.
  • Identify opportunities for increasing the visibility of threats specifically exploits using new data sources.
  • Maintain a detailed understanding of the inner functioning of relevant exploits through reverse engineering.
  • Develop tools to assist with the automation of exploit analysis tasks by extending static and dynamic analysis frameworks.
  • Create a classification framework that aids attribution of intrusion activity based on vulnerabilities used and characteristics in observed exploits.
  • Contribute to active mitigation efforts with technical expertise.
  • Develop host-based and network-based signatures suited for large-scale hunting detection and prevention of identified exploits.

Key Qualifications:

  • At least three years of experience in static and dynamic malicious code reverse engineering.and exploit and vulnerability analysisProficiency in exploitation techniques that are commonly seen in exploits for userspace and kernel-level vulnerabilities.
  • Knowledge of common network service exploitation techniques.
  • Solid understanding of at least two operating system platforms including Microsoft Windows.
  • Profound knowledge of reverse engineering tools (disassemblers decompilers debuggers) and processes (unpacking malware reconstructing code logic etc).
  • Knowledge of programming and scripting languages in particular Python..
  • Ability to express complex technical and non-technical concepts in verbal and graphical products.

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