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By | June 29, 2022

Job Responsibilities : Core Technician / Environmental Monitor

Salary : $51000 Per Year

Company : Kluane Community Development LP

Location : Remote CA

Educational requirements : High School

Core Technician / Environmental Monitor
Kluane Community Development LP
Burwash Landing

Full Time

    Environmental & Natural Resources


    Trades & Labour

Job Level
Entry level
Intended job posting audience
Anyone who can legally work in Canada can apply for this job. If you are not currently authorized to work in Canada the employer will not consider your job application.

Job Summary:

Working in a remote mining camp with scheduled on-site shift rotations this full-time seasonal / term position is responsible for performing the dual roles of: (A) Core Technician and (B) Environmental Monitor. The work period is expected to be between mid-June and mid-October 2022 and the duties are outlined hereunder. This position receives supervision and direction from the onsite Senior Geologist and also formally reports to the KCDLP Executive Director.

Core Technician: (Approximately 80% of the time)

  • Core processing / physical measurements and database (Geospark) entry.
  • Sawing and sampling drill core at intervals laid out by the Geologist.
  • Preparation of core samples for shipping.
  • Assist geologists moving core boxes sample bags and ensure samples and geology materials are in proper order.
  • Help with the collection of surface rock or soil samples drill hole surveys & drill hole set up.
  • Promote Nickel Creek Platinum’s and Kluane Community Development Limited Partnership’s culture of commitment to environmental health and safety standards to all workers at the Nickel Shäw Project.
  • Conduct all business in a professional manor as a representative of Nickel Creek Platinum and Kluane Community Development Limited Partnership.
  • Other related duties as required.

Environmental Monitor: (Approximately 20% of the time)

  • Conduct environmental and wildlife surveys on the property using company protocols.
  • Responsible for maintaining continuous monitoring stations and retrieving data as outlined in the baseline data collection plans.
  • Responsible for conducting environmental drill site inspections and coalitions of wildlife sightings.
  • Biologist field assistance work identifying and recording species into databases.
  • Data entry of all observations into spreadsheets in an accurate organized and presentable fashion.
  • Monitor the status of fish and wildlife habitat.
  • Promote Nickel Creek Platinum’s culture of commitment to environmental health and safety standards to all workers and contractors at the Nickel Shäw Project.
  • Conduct all business in a professional manor as a representative of Nickel Creek Platinum.
  • Sends all Environmental reports to the Senior Geologist.

The Core Technician (“Core Tech”) works closely with the geology team to ensure a smooth workflow of diamond drill core processing. Tasks include taking receipt of core from the diamond drillers either by loading / unloading boxes / bags by hand from the back of a pick-up truck or by using a skid-steer to move loaded pallets. Processing core will include arranging core boxes in an intuitive way throughout the core shack washing dirty sections piecing together broken pieces measuring core and marking metre locations on boxes taking photographs and collecting data for scientific analysis.

Data collection includes: i) measuring rock quality data (RQD) by performing fracture analysis ii) measuring core recovery between core blocks iii) relative specific gravity (SG) measurements by weighing core (air & water) and iv) magnetic susceptibility (Mag-Sus) using a KT-10 magnetic susceptibility meter.

Main Duties and Responsibilities – Core Technician:

The Environmental Monitor (“EM”) is responsible for the observation collection organization and record keeping of wildlife and environmental data. The EM works closely with any company Biologists and the Geology team to conduct environmental and wildlife surveys as specified by company procedure. The EM will have significant knowledge of native species and habitat in the Kluane First Nation Traditional Territory and will have a duty to report any sightings and behaviors in order to protect the environment and minimize the adverse (if any) environmental effects of exploration activities.

The EM will take detailed notes; pictures and coordinates of findings and transcribe those findings into an organized document for the Site Biologist and Senior Geologist. At times the environmental monitor will conduct environmental audits of the site and report findings to those parties described above. The EM will work closely with the Site Geologist and be available for assistance with any biological survey test work or the setup/data retrieval or take down of any environmental or wildlife monitoring stations.

Main Duties and Responsibilities – Environmental Monitor:

As Nickel Creek Platinum and Kluane Community Development Limited Partnership adheres to strict environmental health and safety standards the Core Technician / Environmental Monitor will be expected to act accordingly and implement such standards on contractors.

Qualifications Skills and Experience:

  • High School Graduate or Equivalent.
  • Valid current driver’s license with a clean driving record (ability to be a primary driver on potential rental vehicles).
  • Driving & maintaining a 4X4 capable vehicle throughout steep rough terrain.
  • Experience using and maintaining ATV’s chainsaws and power tools.
  • Ability to use hand tools (hammer crow bar measuring tape shovel broom scraper) in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Ability to perform basic mathematics (adding & subtracting) dealing with distance measurements.
  • Ability to learn & use exploration / mining software systems (eg. Geospark Access data base GIS software word processors spreadsheet software).
  • Experience with GPS and cartography.
  • Experience in the use of environmental monitoring equipment.
  • Good communication skills and command of the English language (verbal and written including the use of technical terminology as it relates to the duties being performed).
  • Can work both independently with little supervision and in a team setting.
  • Comfortable working in an outdoor environment and ‘camp’ setting (remote) for shift rotation
  • Working knowledge of the Wildlife Act and regulations.
  • Knowledge of the Kluane First Nation Traditional Territory.
  • Overall no minimum experience is required – Nickel Creek Platinum will offer extensive on-site training however individuals with experience are preferred.
  • Fit for purpose – ability to work in dusty conditions and lift up to 50 lbs.

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