Production Technologist, Scripted

By | September 27, 2022

Job Responsibilities : Production Technologist, Scripted

Salary : $90300 per year

Company : Netflix

Location : Los Angeles, CA US

    Los Angeles California
At Netflix the Production Technology and Operations team is essential to providing our members with a great experience every time they play our content by ensuring the content delivered to the service is of the highest quality. As we continue to expand globally our role is to maintain and elevate these high-quality standards for our customers by focusing on leveraging technologies and best practices that empower creative vision and maximize productivity across the production and delivery lifecycle.

You are an expert in the fields of imaging technology and digital color management. You understand current motion picture imaging practices and tools and how we have arrived at them as technology and creative demands have evolved. You have worked with filmmakers across the spectrum of production with an understanding of their unique goals and challenges; directors DPs VFX supervisors show-runners editors producers DPs colorists DITs archivists and network or studio executives. You have kept abreast of developing standards and new technologies shaping how images are captured manipulated and reproduced and have ideas about the future direction of creative imaging pipelines. You are comfortable evaluating and testing new imaging technology and workflows to gauge their potential impact on Netflix and the broader industry. You are comfortable interacting with the production community and can easily explain technical concepts to non-technical audiences.

The ideal candidate will have a passion for technical operational and creative problem solving with deep knowledge of the production and post industry. They will demonstrate a high level of intellectual curiosity as well as the ability to communicate challenges back to internal teams to bring innovation to improve and potentially disrupt well-established workflows. A love of teaching and having empathy for those you interact with who are unfamiliar with the technology will serve you well in this role.

As part of the Production Technology & Operations team you will:

  • Support Netflix Original productions through technical consultation onsite visits and targeted engagement throughout the production lifecycle to remove technical barriers and empower creative flexibility.
  • Work closely with both Netflix Production and Innovation teams informing them on the practicality and go-to-market strategy for emerging / new technologies and imaging workflows on Netflix productions.
  • Contribute to designing testing and implementing cloud-based production technologies.
  • Consult for complex imaging and workflow pipeline issues that impact production costs time and delivery to service.
  • Engage with internal and external teams on both Netflix’s technical specifications and production best practices and why they exist setting our partners up for success in areas such as image capture scaling color management and interchange.
  • Evaluate challenges and opportunities for partner self-sufficiency in support of Netflix productions both in-region and in collaboration with global teams.
  • Maintain currency on filmmaking trends and new technologies in production workflows.
  • Introduce key stakeholders (creatives production executives partners) to emerging production technologies increasing their knowledge of “what’s possible.”
  • Represent the Netflix Production Technology and Operations team at industry functions conferences committee meetings etc.


  • Minimum of 8 years experience of practical workflows and imaging experience applied toward actual productions either in technical on-set or post-production roles.
  • An ability to translate technical jargon and filmmaking workflows into practical applicable and actionable direction.
  • Extensive understanding of image capture production and post-production workflows with an ability to quickly analyze and reconcile external operations against those of Netflix.
  • Understanding of common industry tools and production practices in-region with global context. Willingness and aptitude to educate both internal and external entities with varying degrees of knowledge.
  • The ability to communicate and interact on a Global level and frame projects with sensitivity to cultural diversity and industrial variation.
  • Knowledge of industry standards and the bodies that ratify them.
  • Knowledge of and relationships with technology solutions equipment and service vendors across post and production.
  • Willingness to travel across the UCAN region.
  • Strategic thinking both technically and business-wise.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Proven ability to work independently with minimal supervision; must be a self-motivated self-starter that can initiate ideas.A passion for the art and science of filmmaking and the moving image.
  • Familiarity or practical experience with productions using new/emerging imaging technologies such as virtual production.
  • Experience working with data with the ability to analyze data to set strategic goals and present insights.
  • Passionate about our culture and values in the workplace.

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