Post Office Jobs NYC Near Me Apply Now Urgent Hiring 2022

By | April 13, 2022

Job Responsibilities : CITY CARRIER ASSISTANT

Salary : $18.92 an hour

Company : United States Postal Service

Location : New York, NY


1. Routes or cases all classes of mail in sequence of delivery along an established route.

2. Withdraws mail from the distribution case and prepares it in sequence for efficient delivery independently or by another carrier along an established route. Prepares and separates all classes of mail to be carried by truck to relay boxes along route for subsequent delivery.

3. Handles undeliverable mail in accordance with established procedures.

4. Uses portable electronic scanner as instructed.

5. Delivers and collects charges on customs postage-due and C.O.D. mail matter. Delivers and obtains receipts for registered and certain insured mail. Signs for such matter except insured mail at the post office before beginning route and accounts for it upon return by payments of the amounts collected and delivery of of receipts taken.

6. Deposits in the post office mail collected on the route upon returning from the route.

7. Checks and corrects if necessary mailing cards from advertisers bearing names and addresses of customers or forme customers on the route.

9. Furnishes customers with postal information and provides change of address cards and other postal forms as needed.

10. Becomes proficient when assigned to a route in the casing of mail on other routes as assigned.

11. Works professionally with other employees in the office.

12. May as a CCA perform clerical duties and be required to pass examinations on scheme of city primary distribution.

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