By | August 2, 2022

Job Responsibilities : PART TIME NEEDED

Salary : $15.09 per hour

Company : Zenith

Location : Remote US

During scheduled interviews we go in depth on:

– What to expect when taking on this role, with either a part-time or full-time commitment (Anywhere from 10-40 hours a week)

– Company Policies and Expectations

– Compensation

– Answering any additional questions that you may have

In this role you will:

Ensure every client experience is top notch in quality

Be able to train/develop new associates as well as coach clients to identify key solutions for their needs.

Customizable Scheduling

Training & Coaching Included:

Your training is provided in house both group and individual settings. You work with a trainer, an agent from your team, to learn what it takes be successful. Our system is education focused; experienced brokers and business mentors are here to help you.

Skills & Requirements:

-Strong communication skills

-Financial skills/knowledge not required

-Customer service and management backgrounds are a plus!

-Must pass a background check

-18 Years or older

-US citizen

NO data entry/Analyst Roles Needed

(We will reject if this is what you are looking for)


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