Medical Transcription Jobs

By | June 25, 2022

Job Responsibilities : Clinic Transcription and Health Records Evaluator

Salary : $46000 Per Year

Company : PHSA

Location : Vancouver, BC CA

Job Summary:

In accordance with the Mission Vision and Values and strategic directions of Provincial Health Services Authority patient safety is a priority and a responsibility shared by everyone at PHSA and as such the requirement to continuously improve quality and safety is inherent in all aspects of this position. Conducts a qualitative and quantitative analysis of client related information on active communicable disease and preventative treatment cases by identifying inconsistencies and completeness. Collects and maintains a Provincial Registry of Active tuberculosis cases. Abstracts required information for coding on forms required to report active and preventative cases to the Public Health Agency of Canada. Reviews and ensures all related communicable disease case contact information is completed. Provides statistical information when requested by approved individuals and health agencies. Performs administrative support functions such as records management data entry word processing and coding.


1. Collects and maintains a Provincial Registry of active communicable disease cases by reviewing active cases to determine and identify completeness inconsistencies and accuracy of information.

2. Performs medical transcription through methods such as transcribing physician dictations which can include consultations follow-up reports admission-discharge summaries and pathology reports for inclusion in client’s records forwarding reports to author for review and signature and distributing reports.


4. Abstracts information and diagnoses from client information for coding in database required for provincial Clinical Prevention Services annual reporting.

5. Advises others regarding guidelines to reporting active and preventative cases.

6. Assists with client intake by performing duties such as obtaining information completing documentation required for admission liaising with information sources to obtain additional client information and summarizing information for physician and health care providers. Ensures required forms have been completed on active and preventative treatment clients once all information is complete to report to Public Health Agency of Canada. Schedules and confirms clients for services sends out appointment reminders and establishes and maintains clinic flow.

7. Reviews and tracks contacts related to active communicable disease cases. Identifies inconsistencies and missing information and routes files to appropriate person to request review or clarify.

8. Provides nominal and non-nominal statistical information regarding active and preventative treatment clients when requested by approved outside individuals agencies and organizations under the appropriate Freedom of Information policy. Performs record management duties such as setting up and maintaining numeric alphabetical and subject filing systems indexing files and materials to be filed and conducting file searches for requested information. Replies to routine correspondence and formulates a reply to others.

9. Performs general record management duties such as assembling files screening for accuracy assigning file numbers preparing files folders and filing and distributing documents and files. Conducts file searches for requested information. Refers problems to appropriate person.

10. Performs data entry functions and general word processing duties such as inputting client information into relevant computerized systems maintaining relevant registers assigning file numbers updating manuals and preparing medical legal and other reports charts tables letters presentation material and newsletters from rough draft and general instruction typing designated material from dictation tapes and/or a computerized dictation system and/or recording devices using software applications such as word processing spreadsheets graphics and databases. Ensures that turnaround times and commitments area met. Prepares and distributes minutes of meetings. Distributes documents and files as requested.

11. Receives sorts and distributes incoming and outgoing mail faxes internal correspondence and courier documents. Signs for receipt of packages and shipments.

12. Operates office equipment such as photocopiers shredders and fax machines and carries out minor maintenance such as loading paper removing paper jams cleaning glass and changing toner cartridges. Refers further maintenance required to appropriate person.

13. Answers general inquiries by telephone and in person from a variety of sources such as clients doctors’ offices staff and the public and provides direction and/or general information about programs and policies. Refers problems to appropriate person.

14. Operates a multi-line switchboard or phone and performs duties such as directing calls receiving and relaying messages receiving and directing visitors and responding to in-person and telephone inquiries. Refers issues to the appropriate person.


16. Receives records checks and balances financial transactions including receiving payments and issuing receipts.

17. Places purchase orders with external suppliers receives supplies checks invoices against orders and goods received stores and distributes supplies and contacts suppliers to obtain and/or provide general information.

18. Prepares and packages medical and non-medical supplies for shipping by performing duties such as packaging insulating and labeling. Contact couriers and prepares waybills as required.

19. Receives stores and distributes supplies in the work area.

20. Participates in program planning and research within the service line of Clinical Prevention Services by participating in quality and safety initiatives accreditation and other PHSA initiatives. Providing input into research planning and implementing research activities and assisting in review of research results.

21. Performs other related duties as assigned.


Education Training and Experience

  • Post secondary graduation from a recognized health information program.
  • One (1) year recent related experience or an equivalent combination of education training and experience.

Skills and Abilities

  • Understanding of department terminology such as medical scientific research or information technology.
  • Computer literacy with software programs such as databases word-processing spreadsheets browsers and electronic mail.
  • Demonstrated problem solving customer service sound judgment organization and strong interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to type 50 words per minute.
  • Demonstrated ability to interact with BCCDC staff university faculty health officials contractors and the general public.
  • A high degree of accuracy attention to detail and capable of independent error checking.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
  • Ability to deal with others effectively.
  • Ability to prioritize projects with deadlines.
  • Ability to operate related equipment.
  • Physical ability to carry out the duties of the position.

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