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By | August 16, 2022

Job Description
English Speaking Jobs Amsterdam Part Time, We are looking to employ an English teacher with an outstanding track record of teaching English lessons to students from Elementary School through to High School. The English teacher will be responsible for the teaching reading, writing, and speaking skills.

To ensure success as an English teacher, the candidate must be qualified in English as a first language. The English teacher must possess a pleasant disposition that will enhance the learning process. Ultimately, an outstanding English teacher should engage students in meaningful and fun activities, creating an environment conducive to learning.

English teachers are qualified professionals who teach reading, writing, and speaking skills to students. They teach students in Elementary, Middle, or High School, and plan and execute lessons according to a pre-set curriculum.
Job Details

Hiring Organization
WRTS – Woordjes Leren

Post Name
English Teacher



Employment Type

Work Hours
4 Hours

EUR 3500 To EUR 5000 Per Month

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands 1097 JB

About Organization
On WRTS you can create practice questions or practice tests, watch explainer videos, learn words or chat with our tutors. Suitable for all your subjects. Every child needs education. In order to learn the material, children have to do homework. This is often not their favorite activity for students.

We believe that the time after school is also important to develop yourself in, for example, sporting, musical and social areas. And to relax. WRTS offers every student the opportunity to do their homework as efficiently and effectively as possible.

This gives every student time to develop further. WRTS was the first platform in the Netherlands with which you could learn words online in a quick and easy way. And thousands of students and educators still prefer WRTS every day as a learning platform.

Teach basic English skills including reading, writing, and speaking.
Compose lesson plans in order to successfully incorporate the full duration of each lesson.
Execute lessons efficiently using different styles of teaching depending on the content.
Engage students to ensure a lively classroom atmosphere.
Instruct students about the structure and content of the English language.
Teach students the spelling of words, and their meanings.
Emphasize the rules of composition, grammar, and sentence construction.
Teach students the correct pronunciation of words.
Teach students to think critically when studying literature and poetry.
Teach students to analyze and question media reports, advertisements, and news reports.

Skills & Requirements

Previous experience as an English teacher
Knowledge of various teaching methods
Deep understanding of the national curriculum and English language requirements
Exceptional organizational and communication skills
A patient and resilient personality
Dedication to students and education


Entry-level jobs.
Live a digital nomad lifestyle.
Save money.
Work all over the world.
Diverse job opportunities.
Commit as long as suits you.
Work from home options.
Valuable work experience.

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