Burjeel Hospital Dubai Careers

By | November 4, 2022

Job Responsibilities : Burjeel Hospital Dubai Careers

Salary : 5000 per MONTH

Company : Burjeel Hospital

A Nursing Assistant, or a Nursing Aide, provides healthcare and support to patients in a medical facility. Their main duties include offering basic physical assistance to patients, feeding patients according to their dietary needs and recording vital signs.

Nursing Assistants work in medical care facilities or in hospice environments to help Nurses in providing care to patients. They often help patients with basic daily activities, like dressing, bathing, standing or exercising. Nursing Assistants will typically work with Nurses and Physicians to determine a patient’s health issues and receive and follow a treatment plan to help the patients return to stable health.

They’re also responsible for taking note of the patient’s progress and recording their food and liquid intakes for the nursing staff to review. A Nurse evaluates these results and instructs the Nursing Assistant to follow their adjusted treatment plan for the patient.

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